Cheesecake Sorbet

Cheesecake Sorbet Recipe -Bruno Albouze -THE REAL DEAL

Cheesecake Sorbet Recipe

2.4 cup (600g) water
5.3 ounce (160g) corn syrup or glucose
1.7 cup (340g) sugar
0.15 ounce (4.5g) gelatin, soaked in cold water and drained
1.1lb. (500g) cream cheese, cut into pieces.

Bring to boil water, corn syrup and sugar. Turn off heat and mix in gelatin. Add cream cheese and blend well. Chill overnight – churn for about 30 minutes and freeze 45 minutes before using.

Raspberry-Strawberry Swirl

With a immersion blender mix ≈ 5 ounce (150g) raspberries and 5 ounce (150g) strawberry jam; chill.

Over a frozen baking tray lined with a plastic film, spread half of the sorbet and top with half of the raspberry-strawberry swirl. Wrap carefully and squeeze out in a pastry bag fitted with a open star pastry tip – freeze a few min if necessary. Pipe out sorbet in a frozen shallow dish or glasses and freeze. Repeat with remaining sorbet and freeze.

Top with more fruits and chunks of your favorite cookies – Enjoy!