Almond Paste 50%

Almond Paste Recipe-Bruno Albouze-THE REAL DEAL

Professional Grade Almond Paste 50% Recipe. (Pâte d’Amande 50%).

This recipe is suitable for baking, confectionery, and bonbons… Due to its high almond content, this is not a marzipan decor which is made with more sugar and less almond; 78/22% or 67/33%.

1.1 lb. (500g) finest almond meal
1.16 lb. (525g) sugar
0.8 cup (200g) water
1.4 oz (40g) glucose or corn syrup
2.3 oz (70g) trimoline (inverted sugar), or honey
A few drops of almond extract (optional).

In order to turn almond meal into a thinner grain/powder, blend in a food processor in 2 batches.

Cook sugar with water and glucose to 248ºF/120ºC. In the stand mixer fitted with the padle attachment, pour hot syrup over the almond and mix on low – as soon as the syrup is added, throw in the trimoline or honey and almond extract – scrape the sides of the bowl making sure all ingredients are well combined and continue mixing on medium-low speed for 5 minutes. Transfer the still warm almond paste onto a clean work surface, work out a bit and form a cilynder. Wrap up tight, prick a few holes and leave at room temp to rest.
Store almond paste wrapped tight in plastic wrap and ziploc bag in a dry and cool place for up to 3 months. It can be refrigerated as well. Let come to room temperature before using. Enjoy!

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