Marrons Glacés

Marrons Glacés - THE REAL DEAL - Bruno Albouze

Marrons Glacés Recipe (Glazing process)

Order chestnut in Syrup online from Agrimontana or Clément Faugier.

3 sizes are available: small ≈(40 ea. per can), medium ≈(25 per can) and large ≈(12 per can) / the larger the more expensive.

2 medium size chestnuts in syrup (marron au sirop/confit).


1 cup (200g) Chestnut syrup

0.6 cup (150g) water

1.3 lbs. (600g) powdered sugar

A few drops of lemon juice (optional).

Mix all ingredients together and sieve ad reserve glaze in a large bread loaf pan.

Heat up oven to 400F (190C). Arrange chestnuts onto a cooling rack to drain leaving ≈1/2 inch (2cm) space in between. Heat up marrons in the oven for 4 min. Glaze immediately and let set in the oven for one minute. Turn oven off, leave door a few inches open – let marrons to dry out for a few hours.. the oven door can be shut off as soon as the temperature drops; about 30 min after oven is turned off. Marrons glacés can be wrapped individually in candy wrap or placed in small baking cups and sealed containers in a dry and cool area or refrigerated for weeks. Enjoy!

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