Cranberry Cherry Pistachio Cookies

Cranberry Cherry Pistachio Cookies - Bruno Albouze - THE REAL DEAL

Cranberry Cherry Pistachio Cookies Recipe

Makes 22/24 Cookies ≈ 1.7 ounces (50/55g) ea.

Cookie Dough
8 Tbsp (120) butter (paste), room temp
3 grams fleur de sel or kosher salt
2.5 ounces (80g) pistachio butter
1 cup (200g) granulated sugar
2 ea. (100g) eggs
2.9 cups (380g) all purpose flour
1/2 Tbsp (8g) baking soda.
4 ounces (120g) dried cranberries.

Mix flour and baking soda together and set aside. Cream butter, pistachio butter and salt. Mix in one egg, and add half of the flour; process to combine – add remaining egg and flour. Transfer cookie dough in a pastry bowl; mix in dried cranberries. Scoop out onto a baking tray lined with silicone mat and chill.
Cookie dough can be made days in advance and kept refrigerated for up to a week or frozen for weeks.

Pistachio Butter
12 ounces (350g) pistachios*
2 Tbsp (30g) grapeseed oil (more or less)
A few drop of almond extract (optional).

*Best option: shelled pistachio from Sicily.

Heat up pistachio for about 6/8 min in a 350ºF (180ºC) oven. Do not brown nor toast but rather keep them green.
Let cool to lukewarm and process with oil and almond extract until it turns into a smooth paste. Set aside.

Caramelized Pistachio
7 ounces (250g) pistachio
2.8 ounces (80g) sugar
2 Tbsp (30g) water.

Bring water and sugar to a boil; cook for for 3 to 5 min and throw in pistachios. Stir constantly on medium high heat. The sugar will begin to cristalize, continue stirring to coat each nut with syrup for about 10 minutes. Transfer onto a silicone mat to cool and store in a sealed container at room temperature. Save leftovers for later use.

Stuffing & Toppings
Pistachio butter
Dark cherry jam
Dark sweet cherry in syrup in jar or canned, well drained*
Some bittersweet chocolate disks (≈72%)
Crushed and whole caramelized pistachios.

Arrange chilled cookies onto baking tray lined with a silicone mat and bake at 350ºF (180ºC) for 10 min. Stuff cookies with pistachio butter in the center, top with a dollop of cherry jam and one cherry in syrup. Bake again for an additional 12 min. (You may want to reduce baking time if using convection oven).
Right after baking, add 3 more dots of pistachio butter and top with some broken chocolate disks and caramelized pistachios. Serve at room temperature. Enjoy!

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