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Bostock / Almond-Orange French Toast Recipe
Serves 8 /10.

The ultimate breakfast or brunch delicay!. As is cousin, the almond croissant (croissant aux amandes) the Bostock is a simple French delicacy in which an almond cream (crème d’amande) or frangipane: (a mixture of almond cream with pastry cream) tops day-old brioche. Soaking the viennoiserie properly in flavored syrup is a crutial step to succeed. Bostock can be served as is or paired with creme anglaise and red fruits. You can of course make your own brioche a few days ahead (click below for the video recipe) or purchase it in any good bakery near by.
For the brioche video recipe click below.

Almond Cream Filling
0.5 cup (80g) powdered sugar
1 cup (100g) almond meal
1 Tbsp (10g) corn starch, potato starch or flour
0.9 stick (100g) unsalted butter, softened
1 ea. large egg, at room temp
1 ea. vanilla bean, scrap out the seeds or 1 tsp (5ml) vanilla extract.
1.3 Tbsp (20ml) dark rum (optional).
Combine powdered sugar, almond meal and cornstarch together and set aside. Meanwhile in a stand mixer or by hand, cream the softened butter then mix in the dry ingredients, add the egg, vanilla and rum and beat until homogenized. Almond cream can be kept refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen for weeks.

Bostock Syrup
2 cups (500ml) water
1.25 cups (250g) granulated sugar
1/2 cup (50g) powdered sugar
1/2 cup (50g) almond meal
1 ea. orange zest.
Bring to a boil and add flavoring:
2 Tbsp (30ml) orange blossom water Or: 1/2 cup (125g) orgeat syrup or rum or whisky or Grand-Marnier*
*Add more or less flavoring according your taste though.
Transfer syrup into a large bowl; keep syrup hot at around:160ºF (70ºC).

Slivered almonds and powdered sugar.

Slice brioche into 1-inch (2.5cm) thick portions. (Save trimmings for bread pudding). Soak brioche in hot syrup and flip a few times making sure that slices are completely wet. Transfer onto a silicone mat or parchment paper. Top with the room temperature almond cream within 1/4-inch (5mm) off the edges. Add slivered almond and dust with powdered sugar.

Bake at 400ºF (200ºC) for about 15 to 20 min. Let cool and serve at room temperature. Bostock can be refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen for weeks. Reheat before serving. Enjoy!

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