NOW seeking serious investors to create a BISTRO BAKERY CAFE concept here in California.
What you see on my website is just a sample of what we can offer to the public. 
• The idea is to set up a model bistro-bakery cafe offering a wide range of baked goods such as viennoiserie, poundcakes, cookies, pies, tarts, gateaux, quiches, sandwiches and bread. In addition, an «à la carte» menu for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.
La cerise sur le gâteau is my extraordinary online platform that can be exploited within a physical business. What a PR!!!. I get tons of demands from all over the world. My audience from the United States only represents 24% (California: 14%).
The American dream is around the corner and local medias are dying for that kind of story: "A Youtube Star is opening his BISTRO BAKERY in our neighborhood"!
Click Here: Business Plan /projections upon request